Creative Foundations


Creative Foundations Mornings

 (Mon-Thurs 8:45-12:15)

Creative Foundations Mornings are spent studying traditional academic content areas. Days begin with all students sharing a music welcome circle, and then children focus on fundamental learning elements:

Social Studies

Students participate in hands-on and multi-sensory activities . For example, phonics is practiced through games, vocabulary words are written on windows, and math facts are reviewed with movement and song. Children might build human sentences to practice the parts of speech, create a replica of a solar system, or raise composting worms in the classroom. Our interdisciplinary approach encourages teachers to routinely weave art and nature into learning.

Additionally, service-learning and off-site adventures are weaved-in to Creative Foundations. Off site learning offers opportunities such as caring for animals at Days End Horse Rescue, attending a Baltimore Symphony performance, glass blowing, serving the local homeless population, hiking at a local park, and visiting historical monuments. Our children get out and explore as a routine part of their learning.

Creative Foundations Afternoons

(Mon- Thurs 12:15-4:00)
In our afternoon program, we continue to focus on our core learning areas: Academics, Nature-studies, and Arts. Creativity and hands-on engaging opportunities are central to all afternoon classes.



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