Friday Program: Arts and Nature

Friday Arts and Nature Program (8:45-4 Fridays Only)

Our Friday Arts and Nature program includes child-directed visual arts such as painting, and performing arts such as drama. It also includes immersive nature programs in the forest, field, and stream based study. This program is open to children seeking a one-day hands-on learning program.

Visual and Performing Arts – in Free Art, the medium is provided, and children chose the project. The teacher will provide the materials and the tools needed, then guide the students as needed on self-directed projects. If working with clay is the medium of the day, children may chose to sculpt an abstract item or make clay figurines for play, for examples.

In Performing Arts, Children may write their own play and put together a production, or they may practice performing a well-loved Shakespearean drama. Group dynamics and learning a variety of roles that it takes to put a production into action are central elements of Performing Arts.





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