Educational Reviews Umbrella Group

Families may sign up to have their mandatory home school reviews be conducted by World House Educational Reviews rather than the county in which they reside.  Families receiving their reviews through World House do not have to enroll in World House CSE programs, although they are invited to do so. Conversely, families participating in World House CSE programs do not have to receive their reviews through World House.

World House Educational Reviews provides your family with:

  • An orientation workshop
  • Two 1-hour consultations twice each year to offer educational support/guidance
  • Reviews twice each year with the Director of Educational Reviews (Fall/Spring)
  • Two educational seminars for parents (Fall/Spring)
  • Resource sharing
  • Free trial day for World House CSE Programs
  • Reduced fee for World House CSE Fridays club offering

World House Educational Reviews requests that you:

  • Notify your county/city of your intent to homeschool
  • Attend the orientation workshop
  • Come prepared to your reviews, including filling out the provided Review Form
  • Share educational resources with World House Educational Reviews
  • Approach education with a joy, excitement, and an outside-of-the-box mentality.

Enrollment Fees:

  • Upon acceptance into our program:
    • $150 first child
    • $50 additional for family membership
      (for a total of $200 per family with multiple children)

To enroll with World House Educational Reviews, complete the Admissions Application at the button to the right.

Admissions Application

The review form is available for download by clicking on the button to the right. Additional documentation will be provided after your admission is complete.

Review Form

World House Educational Review is registered with the Maryland State Department of Education to supervise home instruction under regulation .05 of the home instruction regulations, COMAR 13A.10.01 Home Instruction.