Creative Foundations

In Creative Foundations we cover traditional academic content areas, but often in non-traditional ways. English language arts, math, foreign language, social studies, and science, are taught through a nature-based, arts-infused lens. We are heavily influenced by the Reggio Emilia educational philosophy (children learn by experiencing their environment).

The day starts with a music welcome circle, followed by a hands-on lesson that may include building a solar oven, or hatching and raising chickens. Children embark on country studies through not only reading and writing, but also art, music, cooking, and museum visits.

A math lesson might include mapping out a butterfly garden or exploring geometric growth using Fibonacci sequencing. 5-6 year olds might be practicing 2o’clock letters using paint, sand, or beeswax, while older children might build human sentences to practice the parts of speech. Cooking is used to explore everything from culture (social studies), to measurement (math), to writing and reading (ELA), to chemical reactions (science), to color, form, and symmetry (art). Spanish (immersion approach) is taught weekly through music, cultural awareness, gardening, and art.

In 2018-2019 we continue an entrepreneurship section where children learn business skills through growing hydroponics and micro-greens.

Service-learning and off-site adventures are also routinely weaved-in to Creative Foundations.

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