Busy Hands

Sept. 11~May 23
Monday and/or Wednesday 12:15-4:00
Choose 1 or both days
$1500 per year/one day; $150 per month
$3000 per year/both days; $300 per month
*$50 materials fee one day/
$100 both days applied to first months invoice
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Our Busy Hands program covers what we think of as inner and outer work. Through a variety of learning modes and content areas, we offer children a chance to keep head, heart, and hands busy. Specialists in the greater community are often brought in to share their unique talents. Sample areas of guided study include: painting, social skills, carving, cooperative games, music, yoga, martial arts, sewing, cooking, conflict resolution, weaving, pottery, and wood working. Busy Hands subjects are generally taught in 8 week blocks. Each day children enjoy classes in two different content areas. For example, one day might consist of wood working and painting while another includes conflict resolution and martial arts. In addition to guided study, Busy Hands offers a 1.5 hour-long social lunch block and nature free play.


BUSY HANDS  Monday &/Or Wednesday

 Block III : JAN.16 ~ MAR. 6




Irish Tin Whistle

The Irish tin or “penny” whistle is abundant in traditional Irish music and for those interested in the study of this style of music, the “penny” whistle lives up to its namesake as a very inexpensive choice. From reels and polkas to waltzes and slow airs, students will explore one of the most well loved traditions with one of the most accessible instruments.

From Terrariums to Aquariums



Master of the Board Game

Learn and play classic games that encourage critical thinking, such as chess, checkers, and mancala, and then create your own games of skill, games that test your knowledge of geography and history and science, games that help with learning math facts, games with word play, and more! This project-based class lets participants get creative, collaborate with peers, and practice detailed research. In addition, games are first and foremost fun, which makes playing them an ideal way to enjoy practicing fundamental content area skills such as remembering multiplication tables and identifying parts of speech

Grammar Rocks Chorus

Sing your way through punctuation and parts of speech in this fun-filled music and movement-based choir. Learn fundamentals of harmony while singing tunes such and Sha Na Na Na Nouns and Attack of the Killer Verbs. A sense of humor and an inability to sit still for very long are prerequisites for this class.