What is a CSE?

First, CSE stands for Community Supported Education.  It is based on the Community Supported Agriculture model (CSA) – only for sharing knowledge, not veggies.  A CSE isn’t exactly homeschool, but it isn’t exactly school either.  Community Supported Education is a new learning paradigm made up of families, children, teachers, staff, volunteers, and community members committed to connecting with students throughout their learning process by actively engaging in what it takes to make education a community endeavor.

In a CSE, parents will know what their kids are studying and be involved in the World House community.  Parents, teachers and staff meet to discuss a child’s progress and share learning experiences from home and at World House.  This is done in group meetings, individual meetings, and in umbrella reviews.  In this way, a team of people works to support each child’s growth.

In addition to being involved in your child’s learning, CSE parents complete required volunteer service hours.  These hours are essential to the success of the World House community.  For some that means involvement in the classroom, while for others, involvement may be primarily in supportive roles preparing lunches, helping in the office, or working in the garden. Getting engaged in World House by giving of yourself shows you are invested in your children, their education, and their learning community as a whole.  It is also an integral component of how we offer exceptional programming at an affordable cost.